PB&J Nutrition Information


THE OG has 17g of protein purely from the peanut butter and bread.

THE BEAST has added whey protein and colostrum bringing the protein level up to 22g.


We use organic sprouted whole wheat and ferment it providing important prebiotics. Prebiotics have been linked to increasing good bacteria (bifidobacteria) in your gut in turn improving your overall health.


We add an algae mineral complex to provide you with a boost of bioavailable calcium and magnesium, all of your electrolytes, and more. These minerals are important for muscle function, immune function, gut health, and nervous system function.


Consuming healthy whole foods is one of the best ways to improve your immune system. Our PB&J’s support just that by being “kram’d” with prebiotics, minerals, zero pesticides, healthy monounsaturated fats, protein, and colostrum which all contribute to keeping your immune system running strongly.


We sprout and ferment our bread to break down the potentially negative aspects of wheat. We also soak/activate and roast our peanuts to reduce the lectin and phytic acid levels.


That’s right, ZERO cane sugar. We use all fruit jelly. Our natural sugar content consists of 40% glucose, 40% fructose, and 20% sucrose.


We use the highest quality organic extra virgin olive oil to provide 11.5g of monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fat has been shown to protect against heart disease, improved mood, and improved insulin sensitivity.


ORGANIC! Even though we are not certified organic, we use high quality organic ingredients. Pesticides can disrupt the gut micro-biome, hormone regulation, and many other important bodily functions.



In this article we will go over the pros and cons of wheat, peanuts, and jelly... and.. we will explain what we do to make all these important ingredients bioavailable to your body. We created some quick bullet points here for your convenience...but please read more in the article below to get the full deets!

- Our bread is made from organic sprouted wheat that is fermented in the bread making process.

- Gluten intolerance is caused by a disrupted gut microbiome (possible culprit is glyphosate)

- KRAM sandwiches are low in plant defense mechanisms becuase we use ancestrial processing

- We use low alfatoxin-containing peanuts

- Our jelly is made with all fruit and has no added cane sugar

Now.. if you want to keep reading we will dive deep into the science of how our ingredients affect the body and the misconceptions around these ingredients. We are health nuts who base our views on the latest nutritional science. We acknowledge and respect ALL opinions so if you feel we have missed something, please let us know.


We made a decision when we started KRAM to make our PB&J with wheat because we believe it provides nutrients that are important for overall health. We dug deep into the research about wheat and thought it was important to share so you have another perspective (other than mainstream health trends) and can make an informed decision on whether wheat will work for your body.

Whole wheat has been vilified in the mainstream health media because of studies done on people with Celiac, IBD, IBS, and other participants that had previous digestive problems. This makes a lot of sense because if you are dealing with autoimmune disease or any gut issues, you may not be able to tolerate gluten (along with many other things like fiber). One thing we found in our research are studies that had been done specifically on athletes and healthy individuals without gut issues finding wheat is actually beneficial to overall health.

Negative statements made about wheat are as followed: wheat can cause diabetes, wheat strips your body of minerals, wheat contains gluten and gluten cannot be broken down causing the rise in celiac disease, wheat has a high glycemic index which leads to fat gain, wheat can cause chronic gut inflammation, wheat can cause gut permeability and many others. Some of these are correct in context but there are ways to overcome them with a little (or a lot of) preparation.


Through all of the research we’ve done, one big fact kept popping up…processed and refined products are the main culprit creating health issues, not wheat! Ultra-refined foods are extremely palatable and not satietating so people tend to overconsumption of calories leading to weight gain and disease. Since ultra-refined “wheat” falls in the “not so good for you category”, whole wheat gets lumped in there too (not very nice!). But..there is a happy ending to this story and there are many ways to bring out all the health benefits of wheat, including:

Organic, sprouted, fermented. These three steps are the ancestral keys to turn this “evil” grain back into a virtually perfect source of carbohydrates, prebiotics, fiber, and many micronutrients. We start with organic wheat because regular wheat can be contaminated with glyphosate either by spraying the crops to ensure a uniform harvest (crop desiccation) or through indirect contamination. Glyphosate has been linked with leaky gut, a possible cause for celiac disease, gut inflammation (sounds like what people say about gluten huh?), cancer, impaired gluten digestion, gut bacteria disruption, and much more. Many nutrition experts now consider glyphosate and other pesticides as a major cause of many digestive issues occurring in the American population.

Sprouting grains is extremely important yet most wheat is harvested before it can start its sprouting process. Sprouting is the process of tricking the grain into believing it is in the right conditions to start growing. This process is crucial in reducing plant defense mechanisms and enhancing mineral/protein absorption in the body. Studies have shown that sprouting increases insoluble fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, antioxidants & amino acids along with breaking down phytates. It gets better…In studies, sprouting wheat has been shown to reduce lectin levels (known to cause gastrointestinal problems but also shown to be beneficial in small amounts), pre-digest carbohydrates, increase enzymes (important for the next step, fermentation), and most importantly lowering gluten levels up to 47%. We didn’t want to stop here, so we took it one step further…..

Fermenting wheat is where the rubber meets the road. We love all you grain haters but this is the step that makes grains (whole grains) optimal for most people except for those with celiac. We are technically not a sourdough because we use kefir as our starter but kefir has a very diverse microbe profile and is comparable to traditional sourdough starter. We also ferment for a total of 28 hours which is longer than most sourdoughs. In studies, fermentation of whole wheat has been shown to reduce the glycemic index from 75 to under 55. This is believed to be due to the fact that when grains ferment, the bacteria and yeast that are fermenting the flour produce non-digestible polysaccharides (fiber/prebiotics) and is attributed to the organic acids developed from lactobacillus bacteria. Fermentation lowers gluten content even more by the bacteria/yeast releasing protease enzymes and organic acids thus breaking down that vilified protein into smaller and “less harmful” peptides/amino acids. Guess what? There's more…. like, how grain fermentation doesn't cause the same insulin spike (glycemic load) that regular wheat or even gluten-free bread does meaning you can have your carbs and eat them too. Read this study to get a more in-depth explanation.


We understand the fear that exists about wheat and even though we disagree with the common “health gurus“ perception regarding wheat, we completely agree with not eating overly-processed grains. But.. that is one of the reasons KRAM was born! We believe in putting the time and effort into making foods healthier to consume because we know the world needs it. We want to contribute to a healthier world by creating healthy on-the-go products while educating you with the most up to date nutritional science available.


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We got to say; just like wheat, peanut butter is overly pushed to the side and referred to as “unhealthy”. In our opinion that is nuts! All dad jokes aside we dove into this subject because its too easy to say that peanuts aren't good for you and we want to correct this misperception.


These little fungi called aspergillus flavus and aspergillus parasiticus thrive in warm/humid climates, which most peanut farms are susceptible to. But what most people don’t know is that aflatoxins are also on other nuts, corn, figs, milk, cheese, soybeans, legumes, and grains. So pretty much most things in our meals are affected by aflatoxins but that doesn't mean we can't try to reduce them. So we found this peanut varietal called Valencia. This peanut grows in arid dry climates reducing the alfatoxin levels greatly. We also soak our organic Valencia peanuts which reduces the alfatoxins even more. Lastly, we roast our organic peanuts to hopefully kill the last of those little toxin-producing fungi.


We’re back to those tricky plants not wanting us to digest them so what we did to release phytates, destroy lectins, and reduce enzyme inhibitors is soak and roast the peanuts. In studies, soaking and roasting reduced phytic acid up to 81%, reduced lectins up to 85%, and reduced protease inhibitors up to 75% in legumes (peanuts are a legume).


To make our PB&J as healthy as humanly possible, we use zero sugar or zero hydrogenated oils. We use a combo of monk fruit and allulose to sweeten it up naturally and organic extra virgin olive oil to make it more creamy. Our peanut butter is healthy and delicious!


We use NO ADDED CANE SUGAR in our jellies. Instead it is made with all fruit. For each sandwich you are intaking 4g of natural sugar from the jelly. We believe this is acceptable for a healthy person and perfectly fine for an athlete.


We have a basic philosophy at KRAM; create digestible, nutrient-packed, palatable foods for the health-conscious high achievers. We do the hard work for you so you can eat those foods you love without the negative aspects.

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