THE BEAST (12 Count)

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THE BEAST is the athletes and high performers dream meal replacement. Smooth organic Valencia peanut butter, fluffy sprouted fermented whole wheat bread, sweet jelly that has no added cane sugar, and we add in a mineral complex because we all need a little more minerals in our life. Then...THE BEAST gets grass-fed whey protein and colostrum to round off the amazing benefits.

KRAM PB&J's are optimized for athletes and active lifestyles. We soak the peanuts to make them easier on the gut, sprout and ferment the wheat to reduce gluten and other compounds that may be hard on the gut, and we include healthy fats to help support cardiovascular health and vitamin absorption. KRAM PB&J's are high in slow burning carbs that will help sustain your glycogen/blood glucose levels longer and keep you satiated longer.

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$4.99 per sandwich

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